Drug Facts

To understand a drug, you need to understand its effects, why people use it, and the risks and possible penalties for its use. Information from We are the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Drug Education Resources

High school curriculum plus booklets and fact sheets from the We are the Drug Policy alliance. Tips for parents and information for young adults. Links to videos included.

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Being a culturally responsive and anti-racist youth development leader

Webinar -A recent edwebinar, presented by Holly Pope, Ph.D., National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow, and moderated by Lindsey Tropf, M.Ed., Founder & CEO of Immersed Games, addressed this topic from several angles. As part of the webinar, participants were able to focus specifically on being an anti-racist educator and what that truly means. That meant starting with the definition of racism: A marriage of racist ideas and racist policies that produces and normalizes racial inequity.

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MESA (Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement)

MESA's mission is to provide students underrepresented in STEM fields with opportunities. Invention Clubs are an opportunity for 5th to 12th-grade students who do not have a MESA chapter at their school or are home school students, to participate in the MESA experience. Students must also qualify for free/reduced lunch in order to participate.

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