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The Masculinity Workbook for Teens

Tool to support teen boys exploring gender and masculinity on their own terms. It’s a resource that can be used individually or in group work to support healthier gender exploration and greater self-awareness.

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Brain Science Inside out

A handy guide for social emotional learning from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Drug Facts

To understand a drug, you need to understand its effects, why people use it, and the risks and possible penalties for its use. Information from We are the Drug Policy Alliance.

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Drug Education Resources

High school curriculum plus booklets and fact sheets from the We are the Drug Policy alliance. Tips for parents and information for young adults. Links to videos included.

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Breathe for Change

Family resources and classroom guides that support self-care and well-being

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Lines for Life

Need help? Let’s talk! The YouthLine is a free and confidential teen-to-teen mental health support and crisis line for youth. Teens can reach out every day from 4PM-10PM PST to talk to a trained peer about whatever they need support with. No problem is too big or too small for YouthLine! YouthLine is available by phone call, text, chat, and email. For more information, visit, call 877-968-8491, or text “teen2teen” to 839-863.

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