A free virtual Parent Speaker Series will be presented by Washington County Kids throughout March, culminating on April 5th with the final presentation. Speakers and topics have been selected to address concerns common to parents and guardians. We will kick off the Parent Speaker Series on March 1st with an informative discussion on What Parents Need to Know about Anxiety and Depression in School-aged Children, led by Kathy Yelliott, LCSW, Clinical Director, Sequoia Mental Health Services

The six-week series will continue every Wednesday through April 5th and each one-hour session begins at 6:30pm (PST). The topics will include:

How to Help Your Child Improve Their Social Skills and Relationships, by Allen Taggart;

What to do if Your Child Experiences Trauma, by Corissa Mazurkiewicz;

Safe and Healthy Screen Time in the Digital Age, by Rachel Su;

How to Support Your Child’s Pathway/journey Through Gender Identity, by Martha Rampton;

What to do if Your Child is Experiencing Bullying, by Jonath Colon.

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The WCK Parent Speaker Series is designed to provide useful information, tips, and tools for parents/guardians of children K-12. Each one-hour session begins with an informative and informal presentation by our speakers and allows adequate time for participants to ask questions. All sessions will be on Zoom and have closed captioning translations, including Spanish.

Complete series information, speaker biographies, and registration details are located at washingtoncountykids.eventbrite.com.