This is a template for a Letter of Support for the Friends of Washington County Kids ballot initiative. If appropriate, please put this on your agency’s letterhead. Sections in bold italics should be edited, but please feel free to add or change other sections to make sure your voice comes through. Please email your letter to, ideally by October 15, and bcc Susan Bender Phelps ( or Katie Riley ( so they know you have sent a letter. Feel free to contact Katie or Susan if you have any questions. For more information:

September 4, 2020

TO: Washington County Board of Commissioners

From: Enter your name and Title and Organization, if applicable

RE: Friends of Washington County Kids ballot initiative

As a parent, grandparent, employer, teacher, I request that you vote YES to put the Friends of Washington County Kids initiative on the May 2021 ballot. The initiative will allow voters to choose to approve a modest property tax that will fund the expansion of out-of-school-time programs (early learning, before and after-school childcare, enrichment programs, summer programs, nutrition, child abuse prevention, programs for foster children) and make them more affordable for low-income residents. 

I request your vote for these reasons:

  • Families and employers are struggling because of the lack of child care options as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This bill will be instrumental in getting Washington County residents back to work and keeping them employed.
  • Low and middle-income families with childcare are struggling with the high cost. With fewer programs as a result of COVID-19, costs will only get higher. This bill will help these families.
  • Kids who are at risk because of poverty and racial inequality need the proven benefits out-of-school-time programs provide to be successful in school and in life.
  • At an average cost of $104 per year, per homeowner, the benefits of this property tax are well worth the cost when you consider that the average cost of childcare in Washington County is $16,000 per child per year for pre-school care and approximately $12,000 per year for after school care.

Consider adding a brief paragraph on why your agency/or you personally believe it’s important for our County to make out-of-school-time programs more affordable and accessible.

I/We strongly encourage you to put the Friends of Washington County Kids Initiative on the May 2021 ballot. Our kids are our future. Washington County is the economic driver of Oregon. To maintain our standing and ensure our future as a great place to live and work, affordable childcare is essential.

Thank you for your consideration.


Your name and title