Last day for tickets is Wednesday 9/20

in gentle ways you can shake the worldIt’s time to get those last minute tickets – the ones that you should have set a reminder for and now you’re like, “Oh My Gosh, I better get that done.”
When you are planning things you kind of walk around head down checking off your list (well, I do). There’s a funny quote and scene from the movie Zootopia (a great family movie by the way). The quote is from the assistant to the mayor of Zootopia. She is walking along checking things off and she says, “I did that so it’s done so I did do that.” That one quote is where we (Washington County Kids) is today. We just finished our big reaching out communication and now we’re turning our attention to the details of this coming Saturday– a big day, our first official fundraiser. You can still get tickets today and tomorrow (through 9/20). Now we’re gathering up the silent auction items. I just picked up the framed photos (wow, so nice!). We have some lovely items. And our checklist includes making sure we have enough tablecloths, food and beverages,  signage–things like that. If you are coming we look forward to sharing a delightful afternoon/evening with you and if you’re not able to make it we hope we get to see you next time.  The Scavenger Hunt has ended (as of yesterday 9/18) and we’re removing all the little blue fish that were hiding in plain sight. If you see any lingering do let us know:)

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