Starting over with hope and determination

Eagle Creek fire - photo courtesy of“Through my screens come tiny black shards that lived, three days ago, as old growth Douglas fir bark. On my porch floor is grey ash. Three days ago, it was a branch woven into a bald eagle’s nest, or the dried grass in a mouse’s burrow, or the insect-laden trunk of a snag. The pileated woodpecker who mined that tree is somewhere safe, I hope. The insects… they’re atomized, small victims…”
–Laura Foster, author and naturalist

When we experience a loss, even if it is not our backyard, not our trees, not our house, it is something we witness and we’re affected.  Devastation on a large scale is hard to process. The Eagle Creek Fire that’s still burning out of control in the Columbia River Gorge is having an emotional impact on many of us. What to do? Perhaps we can take this time to regroup as typically we do each fall anyway. But perhaps this time let’s focus not only on what we’re grateful for that we have; friends, family, etc., but let’s be grateful for what we will do and can do. We can work together to make a doorway to success possible for those less fortunate. For the opportunity for renewal begins with hope and determination.  [ today’s thought  after reading about the fire]

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REFERENCE: this thought generated after reading’s online note.

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