Some Washington County kids are facing some pretty big barriers to success. Poverty, poor academic skills, and food insecurity create conditions that make it difficult to succeed in school and in society.

kids learn by playing - looks like funThe good news is that kids are resilient and can overcome even the most adverse circumstances – with just a little help. Washington County Kids seeks to create a sustainable source of funding to increase early childhood care, improve academic skills and job readiness, and fight hunger. Through a coalition of community organizations, local government, and faith communities we work to identify solutions that guide our efforts.

Washington County Kids:
Our Future. Our Community. Our Kids.

Vision Statement: All children will have the opportunity to reach their full potential

Mission Statement: To ensure access to quality out of school time programs that equip Washington County children and youth for success

>>Background -how we got started

We are looking at best practices and options to raise much needed funding because:

  • Child Poverty is Rising: Free and Reduced Lunch (FRL) eligibility escalated from 22% of students in 2000 to 38.6% in 2017.pre-k kids learning, growing
  • The number of schools with more than 50% FRL eligible students increased from 10 to 39 schools in the same period.
  • 82% of children under 5 years of age and living in poverty do not have access to affordable, quality child care.
  • After school programs  are not available for all who need them. Statistics show that children who are left unsupervised after school are at a higher risk of getting involved in unsafe or criminal behavior.
  • Summer programs need to serve more kids; By the fifth grade, children from families with low incomes fall behind academically by as much as three years without summer support.
  • Youth are not prepared for employment:  approximately 6,000 Washington County youth are no longer in school and are not working due to a lack of education and skills.
  • Homelessness is rising among youth: Since 2006-07 to 2017-18 the number of homeless students in Washington County has increased from 1,640 to 2,663 (62%).

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Increase awareness of the needs of our youth. 100% of your tax-deductible gift will fund these important efforts.friends made at Boys and Girls Club

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Katie I-heart WashCoKidsIf you know Washington County and stay in touch with supporting kids, then you know Katie Riley. Katie is a force of nature and current President of WCK.  Folks with concerns started meeting back in 2009. Susan Bender Phelps, whose energy matches Katie’s, was WCK’s first Chair.  It all started with an idea to help the kids.    >>read the background 

Susan and Maureen hold up sign saying they love Washington County KidsWashington County Kids came up with the idea of actively doing something about serving kids and families who were falling through the cracks. “It was me and some members of the Washington County Commission on Children and Families who saw the need for out-of-school-time programs,” Katie says. “We work with many partners and support the programs that are doing good; but don’t have enough funding to serve all the kids and families,” Katie adds. “We realized that the Commission just did not have enough funds to meet those needs.”

Washington County Kids (WCK) is a champion for kids. We  build partnerships, working locally to support academic and social success for children and youth in Washington County. The mission of Washington County Kids is to increase the awareness of the need for sustainable funding for out-of- school-time programs (early childhood, after school, and summer programs). We focus on current programs designed to support under-served children and youth. Our goal is to secure sustainable funding for the programs that do good but simply need to be expanded so significantly more children may be served.

children find nourishment at a local food bank thanks to you
at a local food bank

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